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from Donna R. Moratelli BEAUTIFUL

Beautiful website Carolina!! I absolutly love that picture on the front page of the site. IT's PERFECT!!
Donnarae! Previous Response:
from Carolina K. Smith
on June 03, 2004
 Well gosh, Donnarae, I am flattered that you visited my website. Thank you for your comments.

The photo 'Soldier Meets Son' is a most special photo in my heart, because that soldier is MY son. This photo was the 1st I ever submitted to, and sort of also marks my return to photography.

Best wishes and success to you in your photographic ventures,
Carolina Previous Response:
from Donna R. Moratelli
on December 12, 2004
 Hi Carolina, I just stopped back and saw this response. I had problems with my betterphoto mail for a while..
Great mark to your return with an excellent image. You have natural talent,and two beautiful models.
I hope that your brave son is safe in this unsafe world. The image of him and the child is very touching..
Good luck with your beautiful photography. I wish you the best. You are very talented.
Have a great holiday season.
I look foward to seeing more of your images and will bookmark this site for sure. Donnarae! 

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