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from Mark Groves SLR/N

Very nice work! I to am shooting the SLR/n and was wondering if you have any info on teathering the Kodak to a laptop for added control and vision durring photo sessions, and if you have used (or have) the flash signal transmitter on yours? Previous Response:
from Carolina K. Smith
on December 01, 2004
 Hi Mark,
I do not use the tethering capabilities or the flash signal transmitter at this time. I would suggest going to the Kodak SLR Talk
forum on the website, join the forum and ask your questions if the word search doesn't bring up what you need. They are a great support group. You might also try the Galbraith website. They have a Kodak SLR user forum too :)
Carolina Previous Response:
on May 30, 2012
 I think there is definitely a time for film and a time for digtial. I adore film pictures. There is just something about creating the image in a way that cant be taken back. I feel with film I am more intentional as well. I take a picture I feel will really look good. I check all my settings and check that it all is right. However, sometimes there are situations that warrant digtial. If you don't have time to deal with the film or if you need to take the pictures quickly. There is a lot involved in digtial images. Because they tend to take a rather flat image. Where with film you can take very well exposed images. As far as the stock kit that comes with the camera. I have a canon and I have had that lens forever, but I have grown to hate aspects of it. A good 50mm lense could always be used 

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